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  • Request for documentation
  • Help for setting the indoor unit of the remote control
  • Contact with an Airwell STA (Approved Technical Station)

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Airwell is commit to 100%

  • Call center
  • Online ordering 24/24 and 7/7
  • First-class after-sales service
  • Effective answers within 48 hours
  • Certified quality
  • An STA network in France
  • Proven expertise
  • Training centers
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Airwell Residential is committed to providing you with professional, efficient and relevant service at all times.

  • We focus our efforts on compliance with the rules:
  • Respond to all mail, e-mail and fax within 48 hours of receipt,
  • Indicate an indicative timeframe for any request,
  • Guarantee a courteous response to all phone calls, as well as the correct transmission of messages to the person concerned,
  • Give an answer as soon as possible.

We will treat all requests from you as soon as possible.

Our perpetual objective: improve our services

  • A redesigned call center, with better-trained employees and multiple languages
  • A technician at the local level for better assistance
  • Advanced computer system for better traceability
  • Free and update training

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