An economical solution

DC Inverter technology allows your air conditioner to adapt its speed to the programmed temperature. It continually adjusts the power of the system, thus avoiding repeated starting and stopping of the compressor: as soon as the ideal temperature is reached, the speed is automatically reduced. The result is a 30% energy saving and optimised noise output.

Enhanced performance :

  • The temperature is regulated continually to avoid stopping and starting of the compressor, with a maximum temperature discrepancy of +/- 0.5°C,
  • The power of the compressor is automatically adapted to the size of the room.

Advantage of DV INVERTER technology :

  • Reaching temperature quickly,
  • Energy saving of 30% compared to a fixed speed system,
  • Better regulation and temperature control thanks to a variable power compressor,
  • Temperature level maintained by adapting the performance of the compressor according to the capacity of the room.


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