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Air quality, both inside and out¹, is a major environmental health issue. Viruses, bacteria, mites and volatile organic compounds present in some building materials, paints and household cleaning products cause deterioration of the air we breathe.

Modern air conditioners go further than merely maintaining an ideal temperature. It also filters, humidifies and purifies the air, three actions that contribute to improving air quality, health and comfort.

Air conditioning contributes to reducing pathogens, under three conditions: the air conditioner must be of quality, correctly installed and regularly serviced.

1.According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency, the air indoors is three to five times more polluted than the air outside.

Air conditioning: an ally against allergies

In closed spaces, microorganisms such as mites, pollen, animal hair and damp multiply rapidly and may cause allergic reactions.

In stark contrast to popular belief, air conditioning does not worsen allergic reactions. When used correctly, it helps purify the air and reduces allergenic particles significantly.

An air conditioner with an effective air purification system helps reduce allergic reactions. When properly maintaned, particle filters and ionisers eliminate allergens and improve air quality.

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